Our team

Avid travellers with expertise in bringing your stories to life

Hoppy cameraman

Hoppy - the Chief

A jack of all trades and master of video,
Hoppy has a healthy obsession with all things digital, strongly believing in the
intersection of design and technology. Constantly exploring and prototyping new
ideas, he'll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a film project. Excited to bring visual life to his client's brands, you may
catch him food-touring in Italy, droning in Cambodia, or biking down la carretera in Quintana Roo - he's pretty much filming anywhere in the world. But if you miss him in the hotel or airport lobby, he's likely watching reruns of Seinfeld.
Hoppy cameraman

Daphne - the Chameleon

If not travelling, teaching or exploring something new with her 5 year old, Daphne is creating content, stories and ideas for our team to produce. The wordsmith among us, she is relentlessly developing brands with communication strategies and cultural insights. Through strategic communications advice, and streamlined project management, she helps our global clients achieve their brand vision in the digital space. Her vast cultural experience, multilingualism and aesthetic eye brings life to projects with a cultured, sophisticated touch. And if your request entails a bottle of Aglianico and dark chocolate, you may have a chance at getting some vibrant vocals from her too.

Hoppy cameraman

Maxine - the Guide

Our hostess with the mostest Maxine has a passion for adventure! She developed a sense of independence and zest for travel from a young age, starting with a year living abroad in Brazil at 16, which later enticed her into a hospitality and tourism career with well known restaurants, hotels and cruise lines. Her charismatic energy also led her to television, including multinational commercials, game shows, reality TV and co-hosting live on Today’s Shopping Choice.  As the host of Negotiating Blackness, and Colourful Lives, Maxine gets to channel her own biracial experiences, taking viewers on an emotional journey through the unique stories and experiences of real Black folks.

Hoppy cameraman

Tia - the Spark plug

Lover of great food, avid traveler and exercise junkie, Tia holds the crew down with a project manager's detail. She takes care of the team and everything we need from logistics to permits, and makes sure we never leave home without our yoga mat and dancing shoes. As a professional Salsa teacher she keeps us on our toes, literally, and ensures our projects are fun and energetic. Crocheting with a
cup of tea in front of the telly? Yep you'll find her doing that, too.
Hoppy cameraman

Jason - the Advisor

Jason loves to solve business dilemmas by making ish simple. When he's not building models in his head or advising on the next deal his clients should jump on, he's trying to find a tree to hang his TRX on. An avid health nut, he loves all things digital health and understands the numbers needed to take digital content like video to market or fundraise for your next scale-up. When he's not reading news he's reading how to be ninja with his little man.